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badprolife's Journal

Bad Pro-Lifers
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for pro-lifers who don't fit the stereotype
Maybe you're not a conservative Christian. Maybe you're pro-birth control and comprehensive sex ed. Maybe you don't think the movement's focus should be on making abortion illegal. Maybe you're just sick of people telling you you're "not really pro-life" instead of realizing that not everyone fits their stereotypes. Maybe this community is for you!

The Rules

  • It should go without saying, but this is a pro-life community. Only people who identify as pro-life should join. (If you don't have anything in your journal or profile relating to pro-life interests, one of the mods will have to contact you before your membership is approved; f you have locked your messaging and commenting so that the mod cannot contact you, you will not be approved.) If you feel your membership was rejected unfairly, please contact the mod.

  • We may all be pro-life, but we hold various other views, and we may not always see eye to eye. Disagreement and debate is encouraged, but be respectful and do not make personal attacks.

  • Hate speech or threats of violence against women, abortionists, other pro-lifers, or anyone will not be tolerated.

  • Don't delete posts or comments, even if they're you own.

  • Trolling in pro-choice communities or journals is a bannable offense. If we expect others to respect our beliefs, we must agree to respect theirs.